1. Marry the weather with your landscape water use. Water use should decrease during rainy periods and increase during…

  2. Create a goal of how much water your company can save and plan a celebration once that goal…

  3. Implement a water management plan for your facility, then educate employees on good water habits through newsletters and posters.

  4. Consider and compare water use when purchasing ice makers, dishwashers, reverse osmosis units, coolers and cleaning equipment.

  5. Ask employees for suggestions on saving water and give prizes for the best ideas. Incentivize it!

  6. Become or appoint a water ambassador within your organization who creates, implements and maintains your water conservation program.

  7. Show your company’s dedication to water conservation through a policy statement. Commit management, staff and resources to the…

  8. Wash company vehicles at commercial car washers that recycle water.

  9. Hire a GreenPlumber® to help reduce your water, energy, and chemical use.

  10. While cleaning sidewalks, a hose and nozzle use 8-12 gallons of water per minute. A pressurized Waterbroom® uses…

  11. Use water-conserving icemakers.

  12. Ask your company to support water conservation events and education. ProjectWet hosts local events throughout the country.

  13. Create a suggestion and incentives system at your organization to recognize water-saving ideas.

  14. Shut off water to unused areas of your facility to eliminate waste from leaks or unmonitored use.

  15. If your facility relies on cooling towers, have maintenance maximize cycles of concentration by providing efficient water treatment.

  16. Support projects that use reclaimed wastewater for irrigation and industrial uses.