Views: A view is worth a thousand words.

Use your landscape to enhance scenic views, such as mountains. Or block less desirable views, like the truck your neighbor parks on the street. Strategically place your plants where they’ll provide optimal beauty from any window of your home.

Hardscape: The extension of your living area.

Hardscape is the inclusion of any non-plant features into the landscape, such as patios, benches, flagstone walkways, sculptures, boulders, bird features, etc. These accents can provide visually appealing sitting areas, barbecue space and places for entertaining, and will extend your living space to the outdoors. It’s usually best to plan and install these areas before plant installation.

Energy Conservation: Let the sun shine in.

Use deciduous trees to block the southern and western exposures of your home from the summer sun – and to take advantage of the sun’s warmth in the winter.

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