• Common outdoor water-saving tools
  • And some not-so-common outdoor water-saving tools
  • Repairing leaks outside (and inside, while you’re at it)
  • Rain Gauge – Let Mother Nature do the watering for you. A rain gauge is a low-cost, reliable device for measuring the water your lawn gets from rainfall. If you receive an inch or more within a week, you can skip your next watering.
  • Shut-Off Device – Nothing wastes water like sprinklers in the rain. Install a rain shut-off device on your automatic sprinklers to eliminate unnecessary watering.
  • Soil Aerator – This inexpensive tool will punch holes in your lawn about six inches apart so water will reach the roots rather than run off the surface.
  • Rain Barrels – Put the water from your downspout to good use by catching it in a mosquito-proof rain barrel. Plants love rainwater because it doesn’t contain chlorine and is warmer than tap water. Furthermore, using rainwater can help you save water and money on your water bill.
  • Gutter Diverters – A gutter diverter is designed to work with a rain gutter down spout, and has a switch that diverts the water to the landscape or to the rain barrel.
  • Rain Chains – Rain chains are designed to replace a downspout, and channel the water into a specific location, such as a basin or a rain barrel. They’re pleasing to look at and they slow water down, reducing splashing and erosion.

Please visit our Rainwater Harvesting page for information on how to use these tools or for more rainwater harvesting resources.

Water-Saving Tip #8

Use the garbage disposal sparingly. Compost fruit and vegetable scraps instead and save gallons every time.

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