Create a Desert Winter Wonderland

The weather outside is far from frightful – in fact, it’s downright delightful.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own “Winter Wonderland” in the Arizona desert.  The winter months provide a perfect opportunity to experiment with container gardening, which can add some amazingly colorful – and even flavorful… Read More

Water Words that Work

The web’s function as the world’s electronic card catalog system and its ocean of information is both its blessing and its bane.  So much info, so little time. As the new Water – Use It Wisely website strives to “give voice to water – YOUR voice,” we will cull through… Read More

The Importance of “Triggers” in Your Messaging

Environmental Triggers Let’s face it, none of us in conservation has the marketing budget of Budweiser.  Sure, beer is more fun than water.  But if you had your druthers on a desert island, which would you choose for survival?  Most of us would presumably choose water, unless of course you’re… Read More

50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth

Richard Bach, the author of 5 New York Times Bestsellers, just came out with his latest  “get rich quick” book.  In it, he explains how to build wealth with a different kind of green.  Go Green, Live Rich is all about 50 simple things you can do to help save… Read More

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