WUIW debuts video series – “Tinkling with Ryan”

Water – Use It Wisely invites you to check out its new video series, “Tinkling with Ryan.” The series provides regular entertaining takes on water conservation news and tips. In the first episode, Ryan shows you how easy it is to install a water-saving shower head. Believe me, if this… Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-16

Catch the first episode of “Tinkling with Ryan” and learn how to install a water-saving shower head – http://tinyurl.com/yjve9ty #

Guest Blog Feature: “Conservation Covers” covers your pool…

The following is a guest blog feature courtesy of Conservation Covers… To Pool Owners, It always astounds me that the largest WASTES of water and electricity in the home are ignored. And by largest we really mean the largest – your pool. By simply covering your pool you reduce pump… Read More

Turning Back Your Irrigation Timer

Temperatures are going down and your landscape’s need for water is going down too. Adjusting your irrigation timer to match your plants’ seasonal water needs is an efficient way to save water while maintaining healthy plants. Knowing how much water your plants need is as important as knowing how to… Read More

Cirque Du Soleil Water performance

Tomorrow, October 8, Guy  Laliberte, Founder of Cirque du Soleil and President of the One Drop Foundation is launching Moving Stars and Earth For Water, and online event to raise awareness of water-related issues. The event brings together personalities including former U.S. VP Al Gore, Dr. David Suzuki, U2 and… Read More

How to Promote Water Conversation thru Online Social Media

What’s Happening in Vegas Isn’t Staying in Vegas If you’re anywhere near Las Vegas Friday morning, and you’re interested in how to use online social media for water conservation, stop by the Southpoint Hotel and Conference Center for the WaterSmart Innovation Conference. I’m presenting my fishing analogy for deploying social… Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-02

WUIW daily tip- Listen for dripping faucets and running toilets. # WUIW daily tip- Use sprinklers for large areas of grass. Water small patches by hand to avoid waste. # WUIW daily tip- Use a water-efficient showerhead. # WUIW daily tip- Plant with finished compost to add water-holding and nutrient-rich… Read More

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