Water – Use It Wisely Arizona Goes B.I.G.

The Water-Use It Wisely Regional Partners made a huge splash last weekend (March 18-20th) as part of the Southwest Build-It-Green (B.I.G.) Expo & Conference at the Phoenix Convention Center. The expo showcased a wide variety of sustainable products and services that impact every area of our lives. Many visitors stopped… Read More

Visit us at the Southwest Build-It-Green Expo & Conference

The Water – Use It Wisely Regional Partners are excited to be exhibiting at the Southwest Build-It Green Expo & Conference, March 18, 19 and 20 at Phoenix Convention Center. Whether you’re a savvy homeowner looking to create a more sustainable home, or a business owner looking to create a… Read More

Composting’s Cool – Save Water Outdoors

Making your own compost at home provides two great benefits. It’s a great way to recycle your yard clippings and kitchen scraps, and the end result of the process provides free mulch for your plants. Our Arizona summer is just around the corner, and placing compost or other organic mulches… Read More

New study details the effect communication has on water conservation…

Does what we say matter? Do people listen? If the hear us are they acting on it? A new study by the Water Research Foundation provided some insights into these questions and more. The project, “Water Conservation: Customer Behavior and Effective Communications investigates the effect of communication tools and strategies… Read More

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