WUIW on TV: Adjust Your Irrigation Timer

Here’s a great water saving tip: adjust your irrigation timer when the seasons change. Connie Speelman, from the Town of Queen Creek, one of our Arizona Regional Campaign Partners, explains to us that with cooler weather and lower evaporation rates, dialing your timer back is a good idea. For more… Read More

WUIW on TV: Container Gardening

What is container gardening? Raymond Rees, from the Town of Fountain Hills, otherwise known as one of our Arizona Regional Campaign Partners, tells us about how containers that we have lying around the house can be used to house plants that will accent your home, yard, balcony or anywhere you’d… Read More

WUIW on TV: Paradise Valley Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

Join us for another interview on “Your Life A to Z” on Arizona’s local Channel 3 to learn more about the Paradise Valley Xeriscape Demonstration Garden. Jake Lenderking and Sally Ceccerelli-Wolf from our Regional Partner, Arizona American Water, tell us about how a demonstration garden can help someone who is… Read More

Come see the Water Tower in Fountain Hills!

Our 136 gallon Water Tower Pyramid is making its debut at the Town Hall at Fountain Hills, AZ for the very first time!

It is set up in the rotunda just as you come in to the front entrance of Town Hall so you can’t miss it. If you haven’…

WUIW on TV: Fall Planting With Color

Fall planting season is here! Leeann Spahos, from the City of Peoria (one of our Arizona Regional Partners), discusses the advantages of planting in the fall season and the types of low water-use plants that you can add to your landscaping easily and that will offer lots of attractive color… Read More

Wayne Drop and Charlie “The Recycling Chimp” Join Forces!

Last Saturday, Water – Use It Wisely mascot, Wayne Drop, and Charlie “The Recycling Chimp” visited the City Hall at the Mall event at the Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa, Arizona.
Together they make a great pair because the more we recycle, …

WUIW on TV: Home Water Challenge and Sneaky Leaks

How do you know if you have a leak in your home? The most common and easily fixed leak is the one in your bathroom… Your toilet! Watch this video from our water partner, EPCOR Water, as they explain the most common causes of leaky toilets and how to fix… Read More

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