Just in Time for Arbor Day – Tree Care Q & A

Do you have questions about planting a tree or caring for existing trees in your yard? Joanne Toms, Water Conservation Specialist, from the City of Glendale is here with some helpful Q&A. Just in time for Arbor Day, which is today (Friday, April 27th)! What type of tree should I plant?… Read More

Water Awareness Month – It’s All About You

Water Awareness Month is going on right now, and we can use your help! As readers of this blog, you are already water-aware and can probably name many of the 100+ water-saving tips on the Water – Use it Wisely website. Of course, first on the list is “There are… Read More

Plunging Into Green

It seems like everywhere you turn nowadays, both businesses and individuals are encouraging you to reduce, reuse, and recycle. In fact, the very words “going green” immediately bring conservation thoughts to mind. When was the last time you heard the word, “plumber,” though, and thought about sustainability? You should! With… Read More

Water – Use It Wisely at Earth Day at the Phoenix Zoo!

It’s a Party for the Planet! On Saturday, April 21 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. be sure to celebrate Earth Day, conservation and nature at the Phoenix Zoo. Water – Use It Wisely will be joining in on the fun once again with our fun-in-the-sun duck float trivia contest. Children… Read More

Is There a Leak in Your Pool System?

Swimming pools are great to help us beat the heat, but occasionally we may need to beat the leak! Pools can leak constantly or may only leak when the pool equipment is running. This can lead to water waste and a high water bill, and with pools being one of the greatest… Read More

Slow the Flow for Water Savings

The combination of aging irrigation systems and decades-old traditional overhead spray nozzles can result in large and unsightly brown spots in grass areas. Up until recently, traditional spray nozzles were the only option to irrigate grass areas between 5’-15’. What is a traditional spray nozzle, you ask? In a nutshell, it’s… Read More

Lawn Stars

Everyone enjoys a patch of lawn.  It’s cool to walk on barefoot, a comfortable spot for adults to gather and relax outdoors, and children and pets enjoy playing on it. But lawns do use a lot of water, and with up to 70% of your water use outdoors, the ideal… Read More

Butterflies, Trees and Being Green!

April is a great month to celebrate nature! Earth Day is April 22, Arbor Day is April 27 and the whole month is dedicated to water awareness.* Join the City of Mesa for a ‘speed dating’ version of environmental learning by attending any or all three programs. Information booths on multiple… Read More

Learn about Peoria’s Water Conservation Program & Classes

Hey Arizonans! Do you reside in the City of Peoria? Did you know that you can take advantage of such things as rebates on High-Efficiency Toilets, Irrigation Controllers, Hot Water Recirculators and Xeriscape landscaping? Talk about savings for you and for the environment! Watch this interview by Andy Lombardo, one… Read More

“Maximize Your Irrigation” Class in Queen Creek

Before the heat sets in, don’t forget Water Saving Tip #41: Remember to check your sprinkler system valves periodically for leaks and keep the heads in good shape. Thankfully, the Town of Queen Creek has a class that will help you identify water wasting problems in your drip irrigation system! Join… Read More

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