Water Shortages: The Big Picture

The drought and potential shortages of Colorado River water have everyone talking. That’s good news because no one seems to pay attention to water issues if there isn’t a crisis brewing. It’s also the bad news because everyone–pundits, politicians and prognosticator–has an opinion, which makes it tough to determine how… Read More

Xeriscape is not Zeroscape

Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden shows that saving water can be beautiful. It’s a common mispronunciation, but it’s also a telling Freudian slip: saying “zeroscape” instead of “xeriscape” (pronounced ZEER-escape). To xeriscape is to design a garden that conserves water through the use of drought-tolerant plants grouped according to water needs, water-collection… Read More

Keep the Splash In Your Pool

IS YOUR POOL LEAKING? In our dry, Arizona desert climate, the typical swimming pool can evaporate its equivalent water volume in one year – up to 25,000 gallons of water. Along with evaporation, you will also have water lost to ‘splash out’ and possibly for the backwash process. However, it’s also… Read More

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