Richard Bach, the author of 5 New York Times Bestsellers, just came out with his latest  “get rich quick” book.  In it, he explains how to build wealth with a different kind of green.  Go Green, Live Rich is all about 50 simple things you can do to help save the plant, and BTW, a little money along the way.

Tip #17 in his book is to “Turn Off Your Tap,” and features the URL to the 100+ water-saving tips on the Water – Use It Wisely website.  The 49 other tips include:

#4 Upgrade to a Hybrid:
#16 Plant Trees:
#22 Bring Your Bags:
#24 Grow Your Own:
#31 Get Rid of Junk Mail:
#38 Green Your Computer:
#44 Start a Green Business:
#50: Vote Green:

There are a number of ways to save water AND the planet, and they all start with you.

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