Report details water conflicts around the world…

Every now and then we stumble across something that really puts what we do into perspective. That happened recently when we read the Pacific Institute’s “Water Conflict Chronology” report. This report, which began in 1980 to better understand the connection between water resources, systems, and international security and conflict, details… Read More

Guest Blog Feature – Ecolo Green Car Wash

Clean your car with just one glass of H2O – By: Ecolo President, Pierrick Bouquet According to the International Car Wash Association, washing your car at home or in the driveway uses between 80 and 140 gallons of water. Also, washing your car at home releases contaminated water directly into… Read More

How to Promote Water Conversation thru Online Social Media

What’s Happening in Vegas Isn’t Staying in Vegas If you’re anywhere near Las Vegas Friday morning, and you’re interested in how to use online social media for water conservation, stop by the Southpoint Hotel and Conference Center for the WaterSmart Innovation Conference. I’m presenting my fishing analogy for deploying social… Read More

Is your yard ready for a makeover? New class will show you how…

If you’ve been considering converting your grass into a colorful low-water-use landscape, a local class will show you the easy step-by-step methods. And, you may even be eligible for a rebate! The City of Chandler is presenting a free workshop, Basic Yard Makeovers on Tuesday, September 1, from 6:30-8:30 p.m…. Read More

Least handy man in world conquers, installs water-saving shower head…

In important water-conservation news, Water – Use It Wisely spokesperson and noted useless handyman, Ryan La Rosa installed a WaterPik EcoFlow shower head without help or major panic attack. Such was the first endeavor of it’s kind that La Rosa completed, leaving his wife thoroughly impressed and proving just how… Read More

Water – Use It Wisely founder featured on GenGreenLife.com

Water – Use It Wisely co-founder Park Howell isn’t just passionate about water conservation. Park is driven to make a difference across environmental boundaries, including, green marketing. Park was recently featured as a contributor to GenGreenLife.com in their “Green Marketing” section. Check out Park’s contributions and if you’d like to follow… Read More

An “impatient fourth grader” needs you to conserve…

We have a lot of passionate followers at Water – Use It Wisely and one of our biggest pleasures is getting to hear directly from them. That’s why we’re so excited about our social networks like Facebook and Twitter that allow us to have conversations with concerned citizens everyday.  But… Read More

Water – Use It Wisely featured in popular children’s book…

The Water – Use It Wisely, “Family Water Audit” quiz is featured in the popular book, “The New 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save The Earth.” The book, which currently boasts more than 1 million copies sold,  was written by Sophie Javna and a host of contributors from… Read More

How Much Water Do You Use Each Day?

There’s more to check out at the Mesa Red Mountain Library besides books this spring. From now until May 7th, the library will feature a 16-foot tall, 136-gallon water jug pyramid as part of the City’s observance of Water Awareness Month. The display represents how much water one person consumes… Read More

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