Big month for environmental causes. What are you going to do?

With World Water Day having having just past, and Earth Hour and Earth Day fast approaching, it’s a great time to ask yourself what you’re doing to contribute to environmental causes. There will be a lot of activity over the course of the next month and opportunities to get involved…. Read More

Water Conservation Goes Hi-Tech

Think you’ve done everything possible to save water but still looking for ways to do more? Are you a “gadget person” who likes to tinker with technology, from the simple to the complex? You might be surprised to learn that there’s even more ways to save water by looking into… Read More

Water – Use It Wisely takes the Earth Hour to Earth Day Challenge…

We’re all about developing water-saving habits here at Water – Use It Wisely so when an opportunity comes along to help a friend in the environmental habit-building game we jump at the chance. Our friends at “Cool People Care” have started the Earth Hour to Earth Day Challenge (EH2ED) to help people… Read More

Wilmington, NC “Pledges 2 save 5”

If you’re in Wilmington, NC and you haven’t pledged 2 save 5 yet, then what is taking you so long? The campaign, developed by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, asks Wilmington residents to pledge to save 5 gallons of water each day. If every resident took the pledge and… Read More

Boeing completes water-saving project expected to save 870,000 gallons

Two years into an ambitious five-year plan to improve energy-efficiency, recycling rates and greenhouse-gas emissions, Boeing has completed a project expected to save 870,000 gallons of water annually. Trying to save this much water across 23 buildings in Southern California is no easy task and we applaud the steps they… Read More

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