On the eleventh day of water-saving Christmas…

Stuffed toys are a holiday gifting staple famous for causing UFC-style fights around store shelves. This year, instead of getting wrapped up in the frenzy to get the last poorly manufactured fad, why not go the more unique and environmentally friendly route? Idbids are handcrafted stuffed toys that teach parents… Read More

On the seventh day of water-saving Christmas…

Earlier in the week we recommended an ergonomic broom as a perfect water-saving gift.  It’s a great way to replace the water wasted when hosing down a garage, driveway or porch.  But we’re nothing at Water – Use It Wisely if not realists and we know there are times when… Read More

On the fourth day of water-saving Christmas…

A good shower is important for many reasons.  Among the most obvious benefits are that showers help us avoid unwanted odors and provide a comfortable place to belt out our best Whitney or Josh Groban tune (is that just me?).  However, the most overlooked shower element is that they are… Read More

On the third day of water-saving Christmas…

Effort around the holiday season is tough for some to muster.  Usually, the lack of effort is on the part of the giver.  We’ve all received a calendar that so astounds us by its lack of relevance that we’re certain the giver played “pin the tail (or in this case… Read More

Introducing the “Water – Use It Wisely 12 Days of Christmas”

The holidays are in full swing and rapidly approaching as evidenced by the look of panic hanging over those still searching for the perfect gift.  We’re betting that if you’re like us, most of the gifts you’ve received through the years have either gone back to their place of origin… Read More

WUIW Event in Hemet, California…

Diamond Valley Lake, a Southern California gem and major supplier of usable water to residents of the area, recently held a Water – Use It Wisely event to promote water conservation in the area.  With lake levels at an all time low, the Eastern and Western Municipal Water Districts, Environmental… Read More

Youth Making Noise About Water Conservation

Youth Noise, a social networking site for people under the age of 27 who like to connect based on deeper interests than Paris Hilton’s wardrobe and want to get engaged within a cause, just hosted its inaugural DROP Water Summit at Parsons New School for Design in New York. The… Read More

Water Words that Work

The web’s function as the world’s electronic card catalog system and its ocean of information is both its blessing and its bane.  So much info, so little time. As the new Water – Use It Wisely website strives to “give voice to water – YOUR voice,” we will cull through… Read More

The Importance of “Triggers” in Your Messaging

Environmental Triggers Let’s face it, none of us in conservation has the marketing budget of Budweiser.  Sure, beer is more fun than water.  But if you had your druthers on a desert island, which would you choose for survival?  Most of us would presumably choose water, unless of course you’re… Read More

50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth

Richard Bach, the author of 5 New York Times Bestsellers, just came out with his latest  “get rich quick” book.  In it, he explains how to build wealth with a different kind of green.  Go Green, Live Rich is all about 50 simple things you can do to help save… Read More

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