With many beautiful varieties of penstemon, it is hard to recommend just a few. These perennials are spectacular in bloom, with their trumpet shaped flowers ranging in color from orange to red, to purple, to white, and everything in between. Hummingbirds cannot resist their flowers. Penstemons are wonderful accent plants,… Read More

Tree Care – Understanding the Language of Tree Service Contracts

When people ask for help pruning their trees, many aren’t sure what to ask for. They know their trees need work but they don’t how to describe it. Tree service ads don’t help. They use terms such as trimming, cutting, topping, rounding, crowning, heading, shearing, lacing, sculpting, wind-sailing and the… Read More

The Best Landscaper of All

We frequently receive requests asking for names of good landscapers. Because we must remain impartial, we aren’t able to make any recommendations. Except for one….Mother Nature. Use her as a guide and you’ll hardly go wrong. View the Landscape Watering Guide for more information. For instance, in nature, rain flows over the canopy of a tree… Read More

Problems Caused By Over-Pruning and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever driven by a landscape with shrubs that have been pruned into rounded shapes?  You may be surprised to find out that maintaining shrubs this way is often not only unnecessary but uses more water than shrubs pruned infrequently. What are some of the other ill effects of… Read More

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