Make Saving Water a No-Brainer – It Just Makes WaterSense!

One method of saving water is by changing our behavior. For instance, some of us (me included) had to retrain ourselves to wash the dishes without leaving the water running. But, wouldn’t it be great to save water without thinking about it? Imagine saving this precious resource with everyday activities,… Read More



Managing a scarce resource like water is serious business.  But come on, educating on how to use water wisely can and should be fun, especially if you want your message to resonate with kids. We’ve assembled a collection of some of the best online water conservation games. Here are a… Read More

Spoil Yourself With The New Removable Kitchen Sink

If the Aussies were as good at moviemaking as they are at environmental innovation, the movie Australia might have actually been good. Saw it last night. Laughable. So maybe I’m looking for something to brighten my sense of humor.  Then I come across this: The Hughie’s Removable Kitchen Sink. Hughie… Read More

The Art of Water Conservation

Conserving water is not just about not using water (double negative intended). It’s also about reclamation and reuse. That’s why we at Water – Use It Wisely are always intrigued by how items get recycled and re-purposed, sometimes in the most peculiar and inspirational ways. Meet Nemo Gould.  He is… Read More

The Importance of “Triggers” in Your Messaging

Environmental Triggers Let’s face it, none of us in conservation has the marketing budget of Budweiser.  Sure, beer is more fun than water.  But if you had your druthers on a desert island, which would you choose for survival?  Most of us would presumably choose water, unless of course you’re… Read More

50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth

Richard Bach, the author of 5 New York Times Bestsellers, just came out with his latest  “get rich quick” book.  In it, he explains how to build wealth with a different kind of green.  Go Green, Live Rich is all about 50 simple things you can do to help save… Read More

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