·Trees clean pollutants from the air

·Trees produce oxygen

·Trees conserve energy

·Trees reduce stormwater runoff

·Trees add value to communities

·Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife

·Trees create shade and cool the environment

Arbor Day in Arizona is celebrated any time from February through April, but the National Arbor Day is designated for Friday, April 30th. It is a very special day, set aside as a time to plan – and to plant – for a healthier future. A tiny seedling planted today will give back for a lifetime. According to the US Forest Service, over a 50-year lifetime, a tree recycles $37,500 worth of water and generates $62,000 worth of pollution control. Now that’s something to celebrate! Planting a tree in your neighborhood is one of the best things you can do not only for your community but for our planet as well. Make a difference. Plant a tree.

What does planting a tree have to do with saving water? There are many trees that not only save water, but that also perform well and are easy to maintain in the desert. Check out our listing of over 200 low-water-use plants in our online guide, Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert.

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