Recently, a Water – Use It Wisely follower, Izhak, sent in the following question:
Q: I would like to install a water pressure reducing valve. Do you have a recommendation for the Make, Type and what the pressure in the house should be?

We posed the question to our Arizona Regional Campaign Partners for the answer:
A: A pressure reducing valve, (PRV) is a great way to protect the plumbing in your home if you live in a high water pressure zone. We at Water – Use It Wisely also support the use of a PRV because if can also help to save water. Lower pressure means less water coming out of fixtures for one thing but it may also protect your plumbing from damage or breaks causing wasteful leaks. There are many brands available but the design is pretty common to all. They are typically a diaphragm controlled valve. Look for a high quality product from one of the American manufacturers that have American Water Works Association and / or U.L. approval ratings indicated.

These valves are not a maintenance free device, and over time the rubber parts will start to deteriorate and will need to be replaced, so look for a product for which repair kits are available.These devices are usually installed where the water service enters the home after the main shut off valve. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, make sure it is protected.

Be sure to buy a device that is the same size as your water service piping and install it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is recommended to consult a licensed, journeyman plumber who can assess the piping in your home and recommend what pressure will be best to use. 

The pressure settings are usually made with adjustable controls on the outside of the devices. Many individual cities in some states have offered rebates on PRV’s, but there are stipulations, like the water pressure usually must be 65 psi or greater to warrant a PRV. Don’t forget to contact your water provider for more information.

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