In last week’s video, you were introduced to our winner, Lisa Osborne, and saw her sad and drab backyard. So we’re excited in our second video to start formulating our ‘fab’ plan for our featured backyard rehab winner!

In this segment, Lisa Osborne, our Drab 2 Fab Backyard Rehab winner, consults with Janet Waibel, a landscape architect with Waibel & Associates Landscape Architecture. Lisa and Janet discuss the design, functional elements, and plant possibilities for Lisa’s yard.

Then, Lisa and Janet visit the Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden at Chaparral Park, a beautiful demonstration garden that includes hardscape elements, passive rainwater harvesting design and is home to more than 7,000 plants from over 200 different species. Demonstration gardens are great places to begin your search for low-water-use plants and design ideas. Visit these gardens to see plants with different textures, seasonal color, and shapes in different groupings. Best of all, you get to see what plants look like once planted in the ground. It can be difficult to judge a plant’s potential when you are looking at it in a pot at the nursery.

Here’s your checklist to start planning:

If you missed the Part 1 in our series, visit our Drab to Fab page to meet our winner and watch as she begins the processes of transforming her yard from Drab to Fabulous!

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