Readers loved the post on how to opt-out of receiving wasteful White & Yellow Pages phone directories so much, I thought I’d follow up with a few more ways you can easily green your life and unclutter your living right from your desktop.

  1. Opt-out of unsolicited mail, phone calls, and Email: Federal Trade Commission
  2. Opt-out of plastic bottles: KOR ONE Hydration
  3. Opt-out of plastic bags: Keep reusable grocery bags in your car for quick access when shopping.
  4. Opt-out of unsolicited calls: National Do Not Call Registry
  5. Opt-out of catalogs:
  6. Opt-out of receiving phone directories:
  7. Opt-in to easy recycling:
  8. Opt-in to easy water conservation:
  9. Green your online purchases:

Do you have a site or know of an organization that allows us all to easily opt-in to green activities and opt-out of wasteful habits? If so, please share.

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