As part of our commitment to participate in the Earth Hour 2 Earth Day challenge, we’ll be featuring guest bloggers from today until Earth Day on April 22nd. The first in our series of guest blogs will come from the president and co-founder of and the EH2ED campaign, Sam Davidson…


Deep down inside, we’re all looking for something.

Maybe it’s the meaning of life, maybe it’s the rhythm of the universe, maybe it’s a group to belong to, a cause to fight for, or a person to love. But, here we are, nomads in search of something significant.

And often times, we’ll find that the very thing we were looking for has been right in front of us (or at least nearby).

It’s the same way with the need to use water wisely. Even though water is seemingly everywhere (it’s 60% of our bodies and 70% of the Earth, after all), we often overlook its power, its usefulness, and its scarcity. Thus, we need to use it (and not abuse it) and use it well.

For nearly three years, we at have been calling attention to the small and important things that can be done to make a difference. It is those small steps that add up to progressively larger ones, allowing us to traverse the great divide between the biggest needs in the world and our desire to meet them. Whether we talk about poverty, education, the environment, healthcare, or water, we believe that ultimately, a heightened awareness will have all of us walking down that path towards saving the world.

We (in the developed world) can get water in many forms, usually whenever we want. It comes out of our refrigerator doors, in a bottle, from the faucet, and down the rainspout. We drink it, clean ourselves with it, clean the dog with it, and keep the plants fed with it.

But are we using it wisely? What all do we know about water and how we should be using it?

The great thing that sites like Cool People Care and Water – Use it Wisely do is that they make all of us stop and think about each choice we make. Each decision has a meaning and potentially profound effects on various parts of our world. Maybe it’s inconvenient to stop during your daily routine and think about how long it takes to shave, how many bottles of water you buy, or whether or not you should be installing a sprinkler system. But trust us, those are decisions are worth thinking about.

It is precisely those questions that will have us connecting to that larger search I began this article with. If we’re willing to think about every part of our life, we’ll then be able to find what it is we’re looking for. Long journeys start with single steps and big answers start with single thoughts.

And now is the time to think those thoughts, take those steps and save this world.

Sam Davidson
President and Co-Founder | CoolPeopleCare, Inc.
Contact Sam Davidson | 615.260.3082

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