Irrigation technology is like cell phone technology – always evolving. But instead of faster 3G or 4G networks, irrigation companies strive for better water efficiency, which results in money and water savings for you.

There are several devices that can be installed new or retrofitted into existing irrigation systems. These technologies could result in a more efficient irrigation system and water savings for you. Note: most of these components will only be available through local irrigation distributors.

  • “Smart” Irrigation controllers – Automatically adjusts the water application to landscapes. They use current weather data and information about site conditions such as soil moisture, rain, wind, slope, soil and plant type to apply the right amount of water to the landscape. Pilot studies in Chandler show average savings of 30 percent!
  • Rain sensor with rain delay — Shuts down the system when a certain temperature is reached; some are programmable for up to a four-day delay after a rain event.
  • Multi-stream rotor nozzle for conventional spray head — Applies water to lawn areas slowly and evenly, highly wind-resistant, dramatically reduces run off. (And, they use up to 30 percent less water than conventional spray nozzles!)

The City of Chandler, Arizona is encouraging the use of “smart” irrigation controllers by offering a rebate up to $250, plus providing a workshop on how to operate and program the devices. Residents are eligible to receive one rebate. Homeowners associations, multi-family, commercial and industrial applicants are eligible to receive a maximum of five rebates.

Want to learn more? FREE two-hour workshops are offered – 1:30 PM. Feb. 18 for landscape contractors and irrigation techs and 9:30 AM. Feb. 19 for homeowners at the Tumbleweed Recreation Center, 745 E. Germann Road.

For more information on the workshops please visit or call (480) 782-3580.

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