We’re down to the last days of holiday shopping! And we all know that hot new gadgets are on the top of everyone’s list to Santa. So, here are a few modern water-saving products that can help your friends and family save water in a fun and easy way:

Zuvo Water Filtration System– $150-190

If you keep a closet full of your little sister’s favorite water bottle brand for when she comes to stay with you, a Zuvo water filtration system could be a gift that keeps on giving for her — or for you — this year. What we really like about Zuvo is that it doesn’t create wastewater like the traditional reverse osmosis water filtration systems, which can create more wastewater than what is actually filtered. You can help your sister kick her Fiji habit, save you and her money, and help the environment in the process.

Raindrip WeatherSmart PRO – $90

Does Uncle Jerry have a tendency to talk about his landscaping dilemmas when you head over to his house for holiday dinner? The Raindrip WeatherSmartPRO, the first and only WaterSense approved irrigation smart controller with a wireless weather sensor available for around $100 at major retail stores, could help Jerry use nearly 30 percent less water than a traditional watering timer. In addition, the smart controller uses a combination of historical weather patterns from the user-entered zip code, as well as live rain and temperature data it receives onsite to determine and adjust watering run times, even shutting off watering during rainfall and when low temperature conditions occur. So Uncle Jerry can kick back during the holidays and throughout the year.

Shower Timer (Azure blue or Coral pink) – $3
We love the bright, modern look of these shower timers, and at such an affordable price, you can get everyone who comes to stay with you for the holidays one.

Good luck with the rest of your gift shopping and Happy Holidays from all of us at Water – Use It Wisely!

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