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Water – Use it Wisely and GreenNurture, the software solution for incorporating sustainability into the office environment, announced today an official partnership to bring the award-winning conservation outreach campaign into businesses.

GreenNurture has collaborated with the campaign, known for its 100 Ways to Conserve list for water use at home, on targeted co-branded conservation messages for the workplace titled, “We’re All in the Business of Saving Water.”

Click to add the water-saving widget to your siteThe messages will be used for such educational collateral as GreenNurture office prompts, newsletters and weekly e-mails, which are distributed to their client base, and on marketing materials. The co-branded collateral will be featured on the Water-Use It Wisely website as an added dimension to their overall mission and be seen in such offerings from their campaign as a Water-saving Widget.

Since its inception in 1999, Water – Use It Wisely has focused on water conservation in the home. The program started in Mesa, AZ, and has since grown to be the world’s largest water conservation outreach effort with more than 400 private-public entities using the campaign materials, primarily throughout North America.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with GreenNurture offering water-saving tips in the office, which will help keep water conservation among the employees top-of-mind at home,” said, Donna DiFrancesco, Water Conservation Specialist for the City of Mesa.

The partnership kicks off today, with a special radio show tonight at 7 pm (PDT) on KFNX called, “Your Triple Bottom Line.” You can listen to a live stream of the show and call in with questions toll free at 866-536-1100. You can also Tweet your questions to @your3bl.

Tune in to hear Donna DiFrancesco and GreenNurture CEO, Derrick Mains, share insights on how to save water and money with your business. Also joining the show is Park Howell, whose sustainable marketing firm created the Water – Use It Wisely campaign. He will offer insights on how to motivate your employees through communication to get them to embrace micro eco-actions, the incremental behavioral changes that are at the heart of the GreenNurture concept.

“Water is one of the most overused resources, and it’s costing businesses millions of dollars a year. Thanks to the Water-Use It Wisely campaign over the last ten years, people have become much more water-conscious in their homes. Now it’s time to extend that mentality to the workplace,” said Derrick Mains, CEO of GreenNurture. “This partnership gives GreenNurture an intelligent, effective way to bring important information to our customers about water conservation and adds yet another layer to the Water-Use It Wisely mission.”

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GreenNurture helps companies incorporate the value of sustainability into daily practice, catalyzing corporate culture and harnessing the collective intelligence of employees to drive greater long-term financial, social and environmental performance. Visit for more information.

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