Ah, spring in the Desert Southwest… beautiful, sunny, seventy-five degree days. It’s perfect weather for gardening, but it’s also an especially good time for some irrigation system maintenance. Irrigation problems are not always apparent between the cool nighttime temperatures, the periodic cloudy days and even the occasional sprinkle of rain. So don’t wait until the heat sets in. Check out our Irrigation Maintenance Checklist to get your system in tip-top shape just in time for summer’s sizzle.

After making any drip irrigation repairs, flush out the line for about a minute. Do this by removing the end cap at the end of the poly line. Yours might have a figure 8 end fitting that kinks the poly line – just slip it off and unkink.

Water – Use It Wisely offers all kinds of landscape advice to help you save water and money. Here’s just a sample:

The City of Mesa is one of fifteen Water – Use It Wisely regional partners who offer assistance with saving water. Many even offer rebates on toilets, desert landscaping and more.

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