Partnership Will Promote Simple Ways to Save Water, Energy

The City of Mesa Utilities Department has agreed to participate in a federal Environmental Protection Agency program that promotes water-efficient products. The program, WaterSense, aims to provide a national brand, designating water-efficient products that are about 20 percent more efficient than average products.

“Through this partnership with WaterSense, the City of Mesa solidifies its commitment to protecting water resources through efficient use,” said Utilities Conservation Specialist Janet Bunchman. “By promoting water-saving products to over 460,000 customers, we hope it will help consumers conserve water and reduce costs on their utility bill.”

The EPA program is designed to decrease indoor and outdoor water use through high efficiency products and simple water saving practices. The program helps customers identify water efficient products in the marketplace that have been independently certified for efficiency and performance and promotes water saving techniques that reduce stress on water systems and the environment.

The program is similar to the agency’s Energy Star program, which provides a brand logo for energy-efficient appliances. Certified products may bear the WaterSense label, which makes it easy for consumers to identify and select a variety of quality, high efficiency products and services for their homes and lawns.

“Here in Arizona, it is important to save water because it is such a precious resource,” Bunchman said. “A great deal of energy is expended heating and cooling water. By saving water we are saving energy too.”

For more information on WaterSense, including a full list of labeled water-efficient products and irrigation certification programs, visit

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