To raise awareness about how people in the United States use water throughout their day, GRACE Communications Foundation (GRACE) – a non-profit dedicated to creating a more sustainable food system – developed a Water Footprint Calculator to raise awareness about how U.S. residents use water daily. How does your water use stack up? The water calculator allows you to input personal information about your household water use and gives you a score. It’s easy to use and keeps you thinking about all of the ways you can save water.

I Even got a “Nice job,” attaboy from the calculator for our water footprint. It says we use around 57,917 gallons per year. That still seems like a lot, so I guess I’ve got more work to do.

How do you compare? Take the challenge now. It only takes a minute or so, and you’ll be surprised at what you learn.

Here are a 100+ ways to save.

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