Water – Use It Wisely is all about providing useful and accessible tips on ways to conserve water and we’re pretty sure our easily followed approach has done some good over the years.  That’s why we wanted to share an article that appeared in todays New York Times entitled, “Blue Is The New Green.”

In the article, author Allison Arieff warns against complacency and ambivalence in the water conservation effort. But it’s not all centered on the usual bad news and threats. Arieff pointed to some incredible advancements and practices happening right now in the world of water conservation.

Living roofs, living walls and greywater solutions are all methods Arieff points to as key attributes in the fight against water waste.

So for you particularly advanced conservationists out there we encourage you to expand on what you’re already doing and think about adopting these techniques. But for most of you, we’d like you to think of things like living roofs as a light at the end of the tunnel, and reaching that light starts by taking a bunch of smaller steps toward it.

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