On the fifth day of water-saving Christmas... - Water Use It Wisely

Unless sporting a cut off Judas Priest t-shirt, cranking your favorite metal record and grabbing the hose to give the ole’ Camaro a scrub down is something you look forward to, it’s likely washing your car is more hassle than anything else.

Whether using your own driveway or traveling elsewhere, washing your can be a huge water waster. Thus, for our fifth water saving gift, we’d like to introduce you to something that turns washing the car from hassle to serenity.

Bayes Waterless Vehicle Wash is a miracle unto itself.  With nothing more than the bottle and a rag, Bayes Waterless Vehicle Wash promises to clean, shine and protect your vehicle.  And trust us, it works.  We’ve tried it ourselves and the results were pretty amazing.  Perfectly clean and not a drop of water spilt.

So, when the weather turns cold, money gets tight, or you just can’t pull yourself away from that “Three’s Company” marathon, Bayes Waterless Vehicle Wash is the perfect fast and practical water conservation tool for car washers everywhere.

To pick up your Bayes Waterless Vehicle Wash click here.

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