Earlier in the week we recommended an ergonomic broom as a perfect water-saving gift.  It’s a great way to replace the water wasted when hosing down a garage, driveway or porch.  But we’re nothing at Water – Use It Wisely if not realists and we know there are times when nothing replaces a hose. There’s something about the steady stream flowing from a hose that is both soothing and powerful (surely Freud would have a good explanation for this). 

The problem is that many of us don’t realize just how much water is wasted with a hose.  Forget the typical overuse, the leaks and arrant sprays that are enough to make even a modest water conservationist squirm. So, for those insistent on using a hose, we’d like to recommend the WaterWatch meter as the next in our series of water-saving holiday gifts. 



After being easily screwed onto the end of your hose, the WaterWatch meter shows you exactly how much water you are using. Aside from keeping us accountable in our water conservation efforts, the WaterWatch meter has many other beneficial uses including:

  • Measure how much water to add to your RV water tanks
  • Accurately and quickly measure water for mixing fertilizers
  • Track the amount of water used when washing the car

So we’d like to encourage all you “hoser’s” out there to pick up your WaterWatch meter this holiday season.  

To purchase your WaterWatch meter visit the eartheasy.com store here.

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