Flowing water is a beautiful site when visiting our national parks. But when it’s a leaky hose in the backyard that flow is a major source of water loss and can cause some pretty severe damage over time.

Our tenth water-saving recommendation is the Hose Bib Lock, an item that prevents both water-theft and water waste. By simply screwing the Hose Bib Lock fitting onto the end of any garden hose, then securing it with a padlock, the Hose Bib Lock ensures that no one without a key can access the hose. Our favorite feature of course is that when locked that once leaky hose becomes a model for water conservation efficiency.

So if you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer throw a Hose Bib Lock in the mix. You’ll instantly become the savviest and most practical giver in the whole bunch – a position everyone covets come this time of year.

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