Phoenix – March 9, 2009 – The Environmental Protection Agency launched its national WaterSense “Fix-A-Leak” Week campaign, yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona with a demonstration of how much water can be wasted in a typical American home from leaking toilets, showerheads and faucets.


In 2008, Arizona beat out 20 other states to win the WaterSense State Challenge by recruiting the most local agencies and utilities encompassing the greatest percentage of population to join WaterSense and increasing the population served by WaterSense utility partners. With strong government and utility partners in the area, Phoenix, Arizona is an ideal market to launch “Fix a Leak Week.”

Phoenix homeowners Dennis and Debra Jobin invited the EPA to set-up a display of two toilets, three faucets and a shower head dripping into a cistern for Phoenix residents and business owners to watch how quickly water can be wasted. “Allowing water to be wasted because you are not taking care of simple leaks is unjustifiable,” said Mrs. Jobin, “and we want to share our concern with the community”.


The display will be monitored daily to track the amount of water collected for the leaking fixtures. On March 16 the official week long celebration will kick-off with representatives from the EPA, Arizona Department of Water Resources and the City of Phoenix and include the installation of EPA WaterSense labeled products at the Jobin home. The display and WaterSense products were donated by Ferguson and Arizona Spray Products.

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