We’d like to introduce you to the newly designed, limited edition, Water – Use It Wisely tshirt.


Designed from 100 percent USDA certified organic cotton as part of American Apparel’s Sustainable Edition, the Water – Use It Wisely tshirt will go on sale to the public tomorrow on wateruseitwisely.com. Rumor has it though, if you’re interested in picking one up for free, there might be a fun promotion coming your way soon.

If you’re curious about the design of the shirt, it was based off a motivational poster produced in 1939 to increase resolve in the streets of Great Britain during WWII. While the original designer remains unknown, two-and-a-half million copies of the poster were originally printed but were distributed in limited numbers.

Stay tuned to learn where you can purchase your own shirt and how to pick one up for free.

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