Every now and then we stumble across something that really puts what we do into perspective. That happened recently when we read the Pacific Institute’s “Water Conflict Chronology” report. This report, which began in 1980 to better understand the connection between water resources, systems, and international security and conflict, details nearly every conflict involving water dating back to 3000 B.C.

The results are staggering. Looking at a study like this underscores how important it is that we value the water we have and work to ensure everyone around the world has access to the same vital resources we do. Something most of us take for granted each day is the same thing that has the potential to cause major conflicts around the world.

As we look at this study we should all be sure to think about the impact the next time we turn on the faucet, shower, or hose and realize how lucky we are and how valuable our water is.

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