Saving Water Outdoors

Less Splash, More Cash

Swimming pools and spas offer a respite from the heat of the desert southwest. But they also use a lot of water, from evaporations, kids splashing water out of the pool, and even leaking liners with pool pumps. We want to help you keep your pool in tip-top shape and make sure you are keeping as much water in the pool as possible


Checking for Leaks
Draining and Backwashing Your Pool

Rules on how to drain and backwash your pool can vary by municipality:

Keeping Your Pool Clean
Pool Removal

You may have decided that your pool would be better used as a play area for your kids or a fire pit.

  • Learn the benefits of pool removal, savings estimates, options, and examples on this Tucson Removing Your Pool page.
  • The City of Scottsdale offers a rebate for pool removal, the first of its kind in Arizona.