Creosote Bush, Larrea tridentata is the perfect plant for us to feature during these hot summer months. It’s one of the toughest plants you’ll find, and with a little extra water, they are green and attractive in the landscape! Description – What does the Creosote Bush look like? Whenever it… Read More


Ulmus parvifolia, better known as evergreen elm or Chinese evergreen elm, is best characterized by its long, arching branches which provide dense summer shade. This tree makes a beautiful and functional addition to parks, school grounds and other open areas. Their large size and extensive root systems make them less… Read More

How to Harvest Rainwater

In this arid land, when it rains, it really does pour. Residents who hope to take advantage of this free, yet ephemeral water have begun a revival in the ancient practice of rainwater harvesting, which involves capturing and storing rainwater near where it falls. It’s no surprise that people are… Read More

Water Shortages: The Big Picture

The drought and potential shortages of Colorado River water have everyone talking. That’s good news because no one seems to pay attention to water issues if there isn’t a crisis brewing. It’s also the bad news because everyone–pundits, politicians and prognosticator–has an opinion, which makes it tough to determine how… Read More

Water Awareness Month – It’s All About You

Water Awareness Month is going on right now, and we can use your help! As readers of this blog, you are already water-aware and can probably name many of the 100+ water-saving tips on the Water – Use it Wisely website. Of course, first on the list is “There are… Read More

Plunging Into Green

It seems like everywhere you turn nowadays, both businesses and individuals are encouraging you to reduce, reuse, and recycle. In fact, the very words “going green” immediately bring conservation thoughts to mind. When was the last time you heard the word, “plumber,” though, and thought about sustainability? You should! With… Read More

Water – Use It Wisely at Earth Day at the Phoenix Zoo!

It’s a Party for the Planet! On Saturday, April 21 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. be sure to celebrate Earth Day, conservation and nature at the Phoenix Zoo. Water – Use It Wisely will be joining in on the fun once again with our fun-in-the-sun duck float trivia contest. Children… Read More

Is There a Leak in Your Pool System?

Swimming pools are great to help us beat the heat, but occasionally we may need to beat the leak! Pools can leak constantly or may only leak when the pool equipment is running. This can lead to water waste and a high water bill, and with pools being one of the greatest… Read More

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