WUIW on TV: Should You Overseed your Lawn?

This Fall, Water – Use It Wisely is being featured on Arizona’s local Channel 3’s Your Life A to Z with some easy and practical ways to save water. Last Wednesday (09/28) our Arizona Regional Campaign Water Partner, the City of Scottsdale, sent their Water Conservation Specialist, Elisa Klein, to… Read More

Three Easy Ways to Reduce Your Outdoor Water Use

Over half of household water – in some cases up to 70% is used outdoors. That means saving water in your landscape is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce your outdoor water use. We’ve got three great resources to make you the top water miser in the… Read More

New study details the effect communication has on water conservation…

Does what we say matter? Do people listen? If the hear us are they acting on it? A new study by the Water Research Foundation provided some insights into these questions and more. The project, “Water Conservation: Customer Behavior and Effective Communications investigates the effect of communication tools and strategies… Read More

“60 Minutes,” CBS News puts major emphasis on America’s water supply…

Two recent segments from CBS news are worth highlighting. The first is the “60 Minutes” report on California’s drought and the toll it’s taking on the state and nation. Second is a recent feature in the CBS News series “Where America Stands,” entitled, “America’s Dwindling Water Supply.” The article details… Read More

Report details water conflicts around the world…

Every now and then we stumble across something that really puts what we do into perspective. That happened recently when we read the Pacific Institute’s “Water Conflict Chronology” report. This report, which began in 1980 to better understand the connection between water resources, systems, and international security and conflict, details… Read More

Guest Blog Feature – Ecolo Green Car Wash

Clean your car with just one glass of H2O – By: Ecolo President, Pierrick Bouquet According to the International Car Wash Association, washing your car at home or in the driveway uses between 80 and 140 gallons of water. Also, washing your car at home releases contaminated water directly into… Read More

WUIW debuts video series – “Tinkling with Ryan”

Water – Use It Wisely invites you to check out its new video series, “Tinkling with Ryan.” The series provides regular entertaining takes on water conservation news and tips. In the first episode, Ryan shows you how easy it is to install a water-saving shower head. Believe me, if this… Read More

Guest Blog Feature: “Conservation Covers” covers your pool…

The following is a guest blog feature courtesy of Conservation Covers… To Pool Owners, It always astounds me that the largest WASTES of water and electricity in the home are ignored. And by largest we really mean the largest – your pool. By simply covering your pool you reduce pump… Read More

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