Water Conservation Goes Hi-Tech

Think you’ve done everything possible to save water but still looking for ways to do more? Are you a “gadget person” who likes to tinker with technology, from the simple to the complex? You might be surprised to learn that there’s even more ways to save water by looking into… Read More

Wilmington, NC “Pledges 2 save 5”

If you’re in Wilmington, NC and you haven’t pledged 2 save 5 yet, then what is taking you so long? The campaign, developed by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, asks Wilmington residents to pledge to save 5 gallons of water each day. If every resident took the pledge and… Read More

On the fifth day of water-saving Christmas…

Unless sporting a cut off Judas Priest t-shirt, cranking your favorite metal record and grabbing the hose to give the ole’ Camaro a scrub down is something you look forward to, it’s likely washing your car is more hassle than anything else. Whether using your own driveway or traveling elsewhere,… Read More

On the fourth day of water-saving Christmas…

A good shower is important for many reasons.  Among the most obvious benefits are that showers help us avoid unwanted odors and provide a comfortable place to belt out our best Whitney or Josh Groban tune (is that just me?).  However, the most overlooked shower element is that they are… Read More

On the third day of water-saving Christmas…

Effort around the holiday season is tough for some to muster.  Usually, the lack of effort is on the part of the giver.  We’ve all received a calendar that so astounds us by its lack of relevance that we’re certain the giver played “pin the tail (or in this case… Read More

On the second day of water-saving Christmas…

We all have that person in our lives so obsessed with cleanliness that before entering their home we need a full briefing on the do’s and don’ts of appropriate footwear and drink placement.  Likewise, we all know the person so comfortable with a life of squalor and filth they have… Read More

Introducing the “Water – Use It Wisely 12 Days of Christmas”

The holidays are in full swing and rapidly approaching as evidenced by the look of panic hanging over those still searching for the perfect gift.  We’re betting that if you’re like us, most of the gifts you’ve received through the years have either gone back to their place of origin… Read More

Water treatment plant closure gives everyone a chance to conserve…

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, reporter Ann Simmons points to the fact that the water supply in Antelope Valley, California is set to be greatly reduced starting Dec. 7 for dramatic system upgrades. From Dec. 7 to Dec. 13 the 165,000 residents of Antelope Valley and its surrounding… Read More

Thanksgiving Water Tips

At its core Thanksgiving is about gathering with our closest family and friends to give thanks for things that we often take for granted. And it’s in that same spirit that this year we must all come together to recognize the ultimate resource that is often taking for granted –… Read More

Looking to join the cause? Here’s a good place to start…

Since it’s launch in 2000, Water – Use It Wisely has worked to provide individuals with easy tips and tricks to help them save water in their everyday lives.  Immediately the campaign worked.  What started as an Arizona-based initiative, soon blossomed into one of the largest water conservation efforts in… Read More

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