Water=Life Event

Water=Life is a comprehensive project consisting of a series of free community workshops leading up to a 9-day installation of collaborative art in Riverview Park. The culminating event is intended to look at the history and future of water in the Valley, and more specifically, to consider the numerous canals… Read More

Celebrate AZ Water: April is Water Awareness Month

There is no other natural resource as important to us in Arizona as water! That’s why this essential and precious resource was recognized by Arizona’s governor in 2008 with an Executive Order that designates April as Water Awareness Month. Now in its eleventh year, April is the time that Arizonans… Read More


Find and Fix Leaks with Scottsdale Water’s Workshops The Internet is a fantastic educational resource; however, research has shown that students overwhelmingly prefer books over electronic text. While learning about DIYs online is convenient (like when your faucet decides to noisily drip at 3 a.m.), there is just something irreplaceable… Read More

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