Conserving water is not just about not using water (double negative intended). It’s also about reclamation and reuse. That’s why we at Water – Use It Wisely are always intrigued by how items get recycled and re-purposed, sometimes in the most peculiar and inspirational ways.

Meet Nemo Gould.  He is a fascinating artist in San Francisco whose remarkable sculptures are mostly crafted from found materials. He’s the “Rodin of Rubbish” having spent the summer of ’07 as Artist-in-Residence at the San Francisco dump.

I came across Nemo at the Makers Fair in San Mateo and was immediately taken by his incredible sculptures.  Nemo inspired me with the ingenious beauty and flawless craftsmanship found in his work.  The Cyclopcycle, for instance, is made from the bottom of an outboard motor, an old blender, assorted parts from a vacuum cleaner, and reclaimed yellow Formica countertop.

"Cyclopcycle" 2006, Nemo Gould

“Cyclopcycle” 2006, Nemo Gould

So, what does this all have to do with bringing voice to water conservation?  We encourage you to seek out and share with the world those inspirational people who are making a difference with their words, actions, artwork, outreach and celebration of the world around us.  In our theme of unexpected, but highly-effective water-saving devices, Nemo Gould fits this description as an artist with the most remarkable portfolio that finds the beauty in the discarded.

Please comment on this post and let us and the water world know of others who are making a difference in the most exceptional and perhaps surprising way.

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