• WUIW Daily Tip-Consult with your local nursery for information on plant selection and placement for optimum outdoor water savings. #
  • WUIW daily tip-Make sure your swimming pools, fountains, and ponds are equipped with recirculating pumps. #
  • Daily water tip-When the kids want to cool off, use the sprinkler in an area where your lawn needs it the most. #
  • WUIW daily tip-If installing a lawn, select a turf mix or blend that matches your climate and site conditions. #
  • How much water do you use – http://www.good.is/?p=16356 #
  • WUIW daily tip-If your dishwasher is new, cut back on rinsing. Newer models clean more thoroughly than older ones. #
  • WUIW daily tip-Use a grease pencil to mark the water level of your pool at the skimmer. Check mark 24 hours later to see if you have a leak. #
  • looking for 23 great environmental bloggers to guest blog on wateruseitwisely.com/blog for EH2ED Challenge. Want to blog or know someone? #
  • WUIW daily tip-Make sure there are water-saving aerators on all of your faucets. #
  • Need 18 more guest bloggers to contribute to https://wateruseitwisely.com/ before Earth Day. Is that you? Know someone? Please RT! Thx #
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