• WUIW taking EH2ED Challenge-Leave lower branches on trees to allow leaf litter to accumulate. This keeps soil cool and reduces evaporation. #
  • WUIW taking EH2ED Challenge-Washing dark clothes in cold water saves water and energy while helping clothes keep their color. #
  • WUIW taking EH2ED Challenge-Use a hose nozzle or turn off the water while you wash your car. You’ll save up to 100 gallons every time. #
  • WUIW taking EH2ED Challenge-Support projects that use reclaimed wastewater for irrigation and industrial uses. #
  • Check out Our Day, Our Journey.  Thanks a ton for the mention. #
  • It’s Earth Day! Download our FREE Tip Conservation Widget directly to your website and get a new water-saving tip every day.
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