In our dry desert climate, the typical swimming pool can evaporate its equivalent water volume in one year – up to 25,000 gallons of water. Along with evaporation, you will also have water lost to ‘splash out’ and possibly for the backwash process. However, it is also estimated that up to 30 percent of all pools have a leak, wasting lots of water unnecessarily. How can you learn more?

Swimming Pool Pattern #4

Water – Use It Wisely partners have put together a great resource of local Arizona water saving information. Check out Water Saving Tips to Keep the Splash in Your Pool, a quick guide to understanding where all that water is going, how to use your pool water efficiently, and more. The guide also highlights some of the latest technology that eliminates the need to drain the pool when calcium levels get too high.

Arizona-specific guides on other topics, such as converting from grass to Xeriscape and Arizona tax credits for rainwater harvesting systems are also available on the Water – Use It Wisely Arizona site. From the home page, just click on “LOCAL AZ INFO.”

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