What does saving water have to do with GPS and high-tech treasure hunts? That’s what we’re trying to figure out – but we’re thrilled that a recent visit to a geocache location in Los Algodones in Baja California, Mexico revealed an addition of a Water – Use It Wisely magnet.

margaritaThe exciting discovery was made by a relative of one of the Water – Use It Wisely Arizona regional partners. We don’t want to tell you the exact location of the magnet lest we’ll ruin the adventure for the next geocacher, but you can tell by the photo, it’s a good place to rest with a tasty beverage.

Since the rules of geocaching allow you to put something in and take something out, it may not still be at this exact location, but we’ll still be getting our message out there… There are a number of ways to save water and they all start with you. Water – Use It Wisely.

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