You've Got to Seize the Moment When Promoting Water Conservation - Water Use It Wisely

How We Landed Water – Use It Wisely in the Wall Street Journal

The WSJ was looking for a story about small business and sustainability. Park Howell and his agency Park&Co, the creators of the Water – Use It Wisely campaign, were asked to share their story about its use of a cool new internal sustainability platform called

The writer also requested a photo for the story. Never one to miss a promotional opportunity, Park stood himself in front of the posters for the Water – Use It Wisely campaign.

Click to see the posters

The agency is one of the first to adopt this new website/enterprise platform that helps companies large and small become more sustainable through micro-eco actions created out of upping the conversation about being “Green” within the company. The WSJ wanted the story

The team at Park&Co have been using to share ideas on the little things we can do to reduce, reuse, and save around the office.

From our production manager: “I know I may look like a vampire but I don’t think the extra lamps are necessary all the time-especially in the morning.”

From our ACD: “Keep the thermostat a couple degrees higher in summer so people aren’t wearing sweaters at work on a 100+ degree day.”

From our bookkeeper: “We should take the recycling of the job jackets one step further to have our ultimate goal be “to be paperless.” We could store all necessary documentation on the server under a file of the job so that both the accounting and job folders could be viewed. Ultimately we could remove those file cabinets and replace them with a green hammock to catch up on “Z’s” for all the extra time we’ll have created.

From me: “What if we issued just one ream of paper per person per year for basic documents? And then if and when you needed a second ream, you would have to petition for one describing the merits of your need? Would this makes us all think twice about running something through our printers?”

If you haven’t yet checked out and what it can mean to your company, utility or municipality relative to reducing waste, recycling, and saving water and money, it’s definitely worth about 20 minutes of your time. That’s all it takes to get your internal eco campaign up and running.

In the meantime, do you want to step up to the “One Ream Per Person Per Year” challenge? It truly monetizes a product that everyone views as a commodity. Think of the money + trees + paper + printer ink + printer power + the cost of recycling + the carbon footprint, you and your company will save just by reframing a ream of paper as something worth vastly more. Scarcity has a way of increasing the value of all items. Basic economics.

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