Chandler – Smart Irrigation Controllers

ASU Chandler Innovation Center 249 E. Chicago St., Chandler

Adjusting your watering schedules more often saves water and is better for the landscape. The most accurate way is to adjust the watering each time based on the weather since the last time it watered. Learn how smart controllers do all this on their own and how to select the right controller for our region and your yard.


Avondale – Desert Lawn Care

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Maintaining a beautiful and water-efficient lawn in the desert can be challenging. Irrigation Specialist Dave Pratt will cover the basics of proper lawn maintenance, fertilizing, mowing, and watering for a beautiful, water-efficient lawn.


Glendale – Irrigating with Gray Water

Glendale Main Library 5959 W Brown St, Glendale

Gray water can be a reliable source of water for desert landscapes. Clint Culberson and Michael Gettens with Galaxy Gardens will share how they plan and install simple gray water systems. Discover how to send gray water from laundry machines, handwashing sinks, baths, and showers to your landscape.