Importance of Conserving Water

Conserving Our Future

Those of us who live here know that water is integral to Arizona’s amazing quality of life. We all benefit from the careful planning and incredible infrastructure supporting life in the desert. That’s just one more reason why we all need to be smart about the water we have.

It’s helpful that advancements in technology are working to reduce water use. Washing machines, faucets, showerheads, sprinklers, toilets, and more have all become more water-efficient. We can do our part by making water conservation a way of life by incorporating good stewardship and daily water-saving practices. Small things over time – turning sprinklers off when it’s windy or raining, or perhaps even installing weather-based smart irrigation systems for instance – can save thousands of gallons of water annually. Multiply that by millions of people and you begin to understand how we can truly make a difference. The more water conscious we are today, the more we safeguard our water for future generations.

“Despite growth in population and business, our overall water use among many cities has remained relatively the same.”