Water Conservation in Arizona. What’s obvious is now more urgent.

Water Conservation in Arizona

News about tightening water restrictions. Parched lakes. Beautiful blue skies that rarely have clouds in them. Water conservation is a topic that no Arizona resident should take issue with. Residents are savvy enough to understand why saving water is so important. And Water – Use It Wisely is committed to showing how easy water conservation can be to ensure we have enough for future generations.

Water conservation and drought. We can control one of them.

Much of the southwest has been enduring drought conditions since the late 1990s. But for the first time, the Colorado River – which supplies water to seven states and Mexico – is in a shortage. Its major reservoirs have declined to record-low levels. As a result, water conservation has become even more urgent and offers one solution to stretching our water supplies by collectively reducing water use.

The good news is that Arizona has a strong history of managing water supplies and has one of the most intricate and advanced water management systems in the U.S. By investing in infrastructure and strategies like diverse water supplies, water reuse, underground storage, and robust conservation programs, Arizona water providers have taken proactive measures to conserve our water supplies and store water for the future.

It’s easy to conserve water. This website shows you how.

We have a great saying here at Water – Use It Wisely…“There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you.”

Whether you are looking for ways to save money on your water bill or need teaching tips and kids’ games, you can make a big impact on water consumption by changing a few simple habits. And by doing so, you and your family will help ensure our water will be here to nourish Arizonans for generations to come. Our Water – Use It Wisely website is Arizona’s number #1 trusted resource for water conservation and water-saving tips.

The more water conscious we are today, the more we safeguard our water for future generations. Learn about water conservation efforts in your area