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Alamo Lake State Park: A lone fisherman basks in the glow of sunset on the lake

Photo by Alexander F.

Submission Guidelines

  • Take a photo that you feel celebrates water in Arizona.
  • Submit one original photo using the form below.
  • Browse our site for more water conservation and low-water landscaping tips.
  • Check back often!
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  • Submission Guidelines

    Each Submitter is responsible for ensuring that he or she has the right to submit the photo to the Gallery per these rules (either be the photographer or have permission from the photographer). The image must be at or under 3MB, jpeg format, contain the location and a short description of how that image celebrates water.

    By submitting a photo into the Gallery, the Submitter gives permission to Water – Use It Wisely to use said photo on its website, social media channels or in presentations to promote the celebration of Arizona water and the contest (photographer will be given credit).

    The photo submitted should convey the overall theme of Celebrate Arizona Water using these general guidelines:

    Photos Should

    • · Depict any natural water setting in Arizona or demonstrate the smart reuse of water (wetlands, recharge sites).
    • · Show the value of water in Arizona.
    • · Illustrate the importance of water to people.

    Photo Should Not

    • · Depict water waste or wasteful practices.
    • · Include any fountains unless they use reclaimed water and fountains cascade rather than spray into the air.
    • · Include swimming pools.

Appreciate Water Today, and Every Day

For Arizona residents, water conservation is a necessary part of our daily routine. Up to 70% of our personal water use takes place outdoors. Here you’ll find tips, events and landscaping resources to help you lower your water consumption and your water bill. There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you.