A well-placed swath of grass can add color and functionality to your landscape, especially if you have small children or a dog.

Whether it’s because you grew up in the midwest or because you like walking barefoot in your yard to feel cool grass between your toes, you love your lush, green lawn. Fear not! Grass (often called turf) may be a desired component in a well-designed Xeriscape yard. It is one of the best plants to handle foot traffic and it provides a softer surface for kids’ sports or dogs’ paws. But grass is water-intensive, so when planning your landscape, a little goes a long way. We have many resources to help you keep your grass looking its best, and with up to 70 percent of your water use occurring outdoors, the ideal lawn is one that will grow in our desert environment using water as efficiently as possible.


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Tired of mowing your lawn? Skip overseeding and let your warm-season lawn go dormant to save time, money, and water.



In truth, it isn’t easy growing a beautiful lawn in the desert. Not only does it take a lot of water, but also time and energy to fertilize, mow, overseed (if you do so), and more. Oh, and please see our last bullet if you’re thinking about installing artificial turf!

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