Visit our “For Teachers” page to get in touch with your water provider/municipality for programs specific to Arizona water issues. Concepts include water resources, water quality, water treatment, and water conservation. Find out about puppet shows, tours, school presentations, and more!


Arizona Project WET
WET=Water Education for Teachers: a perfect resource from the University of Arizona.

Arizona Water Story
A great tale about water in Arizona can be found at the SRP site.

H2O For Kids Educational Game for Elementary Students H2O for Kids consists of three lessons, each designed for specific grades. The teacher’s guides include discussion questions, activities, modeling, crosscutting concepts, videos and more.

Designed for students in grades 4-6, this program from CAP includes a 6-lesson teacher’s guide and a 3-part video.

H2O4U Educational Game for Middle & High School Students Tap into these online games to learn more about Arizona’s water supplies from CAP.

Teaching About the Verde River in Arizona
SRP provides resources for teachers on the beauty of the Verde River. Under “Materials for Teachers,” look for “The Verde River DVD (teachers only).”

How Does Your Garden Grow?
This curriculum from the Irrigation Association focuses on grades three through five. It includes the benefits of irrigation, including agriculture, landscape, and its history.

All About Water Teaching Tools & Resources
It’s all about water at The Water Project.

Water Science School
Brush up on all of your water topics at this U.S. Geological Survey site.

Discover Data Science
Problem-solving the water crisis with data science (best for high school and college students)


Kids Water Tips
Find kid-friendly tips on ways to save water. You can even print out the tips and post them around the classroom!

“Discover the Colorado River” is a publication made available to teachers through Project WET.

School Water Audit Program (SWAP)
SWAP water waste for water efficiency with Arizona Project WET.

Drinking Water Activities
The EPA provides activities and resources for grades K-3, 4-8, and 9-12 focusing on topics such as drinking water, where water comes from, and watersheds.

The Great Water Odyssey Online Games
Fun and educational games
to play from St. Johns River Water Management District.

Bear Essential News
This monthly Arizona newspaper, offered in print and online, is designed to educate, enrich, entertain, and encourage creativity. Each issue often includes stories about science, natural history, or the environment. Teachers can reproduce any portion of the website for their students.

Girl Scouts Water Conservation Patch
Float this idea by your troop with info at the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association site.

Test Your Groundwater Knowledge 
Learn all about groundwater and how to keep our water clean with The Groundwater Foundation.

Arizona Water Blueprint 
The Arizona Water Blueprint is a data-rich, interactive map of Arizona’s water resources and infrastructure. Find Story Maps as well as resources about critical habitats and more.

Don’t miss our Tip Tank and other fun water games for kids that also help to teach about water conservation!